Happy New Year 2019

2019年新年快樂🎊 每一年的1月1日 許多人也喜歡許願或定下目標 每一年的12月31日 許多人也喜歡做年終回顧 其實在2019年每一天會如何渡過 你將會遇上什麼人和事 整個劇本如何,其實也沒有一個肯定的答案 或許你曾經的憧憬,會令你的期望落空 或許你意想不到的,卻會給你一點驚喜 其實我們也許控制不了任人和事 我們只可以隨心去選擇每一個回應 然而我們亦想象不了那麼多 或許我們只可以細味箇中的甜酸苦辣 所以我祝福大家,2019可以隨心生活🎉 Happy New Year Everyone🎊 Many people would like to make a goal/wish on 1st January in every year And many people would also like to review at the end of the year However, it is hard to predict how to we pass through in 2019 What kind of people will you meet; or what will happen to you?! Or even how is the play will go? It is mysterious Maybe there is something you really want, but it turns out not same as your expect Maybe you haven’t expect for the happen, but it gives you all the surprises Actually we really can’t control how it happens But we can chose the reaction from bottom of our ❤️ Maybe we cannot imagine how it goes But we can enjoy all the precious moment Bless you all to have a joyful 2019❤️