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MY Healing 頤の療癒

A Tailor-Made Energy Healing is intended to facilitate your life transformation. Create balance on all mental, emotional and spiritual levels to achieve internal harmony and support.

"There is darkness, but it's up to you to embrace and see the light within."


The darkest moment of our lives tends to be the loneliest of times. Many of us on Earth are suffering alone. Life has become bland like there is never an end to all this hurt and suffering. However, Polly believes everyone has the power to end this seemingly never-ending cycle, and you can fall in love with yourself and life again.


MY Healing will guide you through the way back to your true and magnificent self through one on one conversation. Let your higher self, the healer, and you work hand-in-hand and find the methods to support you for your greatest good. By understanding your shadows and shining the light of love and consciousness on them, you may reclaim your power and become stronger than before the session, set yourself free and live life than be in constant survival mode.






This service can be arranged remotely or in a face-to-face manner.

Reiki Healing 靈氣療癒

Reiki Healing is a type of energy healing. The healer will channel the frequency and healing intentions to effectively adjust and instil the energy you need so that the self-healing power can reactivate and flow through easily, ultimately reducing stress and heightening relaxation. The session is highly relaxing and makes you feel at ease and more open to releasing tension and emotion accumulated in the body and mind.

Using Reiki healing to adjust our energy can strengthen the connection between you and the earth and enable your body and heart to receive source energy which leads to more balance and peacefulness in your relationship with this world in all aspects.

This service is a safe and gentle type of self-healing that does not involve using medicines nor interfering with therapies of any kind (including Chinese and Western medicine, naturopathy or physical therapy.)

Reiki Healing is suitable for:
- Anyone of any age;
- Chronic fatigue;
- Easily stressed and anxious;
- Who is interested in furthering spiritual health;




- 年齡不限
- 長期疲勞
- 精神繃緊,容易焦慮和緊張
- 心靈健康等等

This service can be arranged remotely or in a face-to-face manner.

Numerology Reading


Unlock the hidden meanings behind your name and birthdate with our Numerology Reading Service. Numerology is a fascinating system that unveils the symbolic significance of numbers, offering profound insights into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life path. Our expert numerologists will meticulously analyze your  birthdate, unraveling the mysteries that lie within. Discover your Life Path Number, Expression Number, Birthday Number, and Zodiac Number, each shedding light on different aspects of your being. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, uncover your hidden potential, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Let the power of numbers guide you towards a more fulfilling life.


This service can be arranged remotely or in a face-to-face manner.

System Constellations 系統排列

Family and Corporate Constellation Therapy is one of the in-depth therapy to help us define the hidden root cause through the family system.   It resumes our issue into a balance, harmony and order.

Application Areas
Family: Parents and Children Conflict, Disharmony between couples
Romantic Relationships: Unable to establish a stable, safe and healthy relationship, Fear of Intimacy, Marriage Failure
Emotional and Physical Health: Lack of Confidence, Depress, Anxious, Panic, Rage, Long Term Illness, Unknown Pain
Career and Money: Unsuccessful career path development, Unable to save money, No Goals in Life
Relationships: Conflict occurs easily, A misfit, Fear of meeting people
Corporate and Organisation: Stuck growth, Disharmony in the workplace, Loss of talents, Unideal profits



This service can be arranged remotely or in a face-to-face manner.

Crystal Healing 水晶療癒

Every matter holds specific vibrations and energy, and Crystals are no exception. Crystal healing is where the healer uses different types of crystals that can purify, replenish and heal following each chakra, providing them with the energy they need to flourish and act to their best ability. By healing your chakras and aligning them, you will feel more grounded, confident, open to love, abundance, and better discernment, overall providing you with better performance and positive encounters.


Tuning Fork Therapy® 音叉療癒

Tuning Fork Therapy® is a type of healing that uses specific tones of tuning forks to adjust and deliver healing frequency and vibrations, which helps stabilise emotions and relax the whole body. This in-depth sound therapy reactivates the healing power and reaches the organs, cells, and nerves throughout the body, releasing all toxins from the physical and ethereal body. It has tremendous and non-intrusive effects on relaxing muscles and soothing pain.

Tuning Fork Therapy® can also purify and replenish the energetic fields, providing peace of mind and better sleep quality.


This service can be arranged in a face-to-face manner

Spiritual Response Therapy 


Spiritual Response Therapy is a comprehensive and powerful healing tool that uses the healer as a medium and connects with our Higher Selves to discover the root of the problem and underlying information from the challenges encountered in daily life. So that you can understand and sort out the cause of influence, removing and releasing all limiting beliefs, negative energies and programming that leads to transformation, balance and positive changes.


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