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System Constellation

家庭排列 / 小物件排列 / 企業排列

  • 1 hour
  • 180 British pounds
  • Online Meetup / London

Service Description

Family and Corporate Constellation Therapy is one of the in-depth therapy to help us define the hidden root cause through the family system. It resumes our issue into a balance, harmony and order. Application Areas Family: Parents and Children Conflict, Disharmony between couples Romantic Relationships: Unable to establish a stable, safe and healthy relationship, Fear of Intimacy, Marriage Failure Emotional and Physical Health: Lack of Confidence, Depress, Anxious, Panic, Rage, Long Term Illness, Unknown Pain Career and Money: Unsuccessful career path development, Unable to save money, No Goals in Life Relationships: Conflict occurs easily, A misfit, Fear of meeting people Corporate and Organisation: Stuck growth, Disharmony in the workplace, Loss of talents, Unideal profits Service Process (A session of about 1.5 to 2 hours) 1. Understanding of the direction and needs. Brief introduction of the service. 2. Consultation starts and understanding the core topic and Family background. 3. Healing starts and proceeds to the required healing and cleansing 4. Examine the information that comes through in the process and advise accordingly. 5. Summary and sharing 透過家庭排列或企業系統,能夠直接呈現議題的主要核心,讓所有隱藏或被遺忘的人與事一一呈現,找出問題的障礙及核心。讓當時人更直接理解事件背後的因由及時間線,學習走出舊有模式,與過去作出和解及好好道別,讓愛繼續流動,重整理想人生。 應用範圍 家庭:父母與子女糾紛及夫妻關係不和 子女:子女的情緒和行為問題、學習障礙、自閉症、過度活躍等 感情:無法建立穩定及安全或是健康的感情關係、害怕親密關係、婚姻失敗等 情緒及健康:欠缺自信、憂鬱、焦慮、驚恐、躁狂、慢性疾病、莫名痛症等 事業與金錢:事業發展不順、總是留不住錢、沒有人生目標理想等 人際關係:常容易與人發生沖突、人緣不好、害怕見人等 企業組織:發展停滯不前、人事相處不和、人才嚴重流失、盈利不理想等 服務流程(約 90-120分鐘) 1. 確認方向,了解你的需要並簡單介紹服務 2. 開始進行諮詢,了解個人及原生家庭資料背景 3. 找出議題核心,以小物件及需要的療癒進行呈現,清理及和解 4. 分析於療癒過程所獲得的資訊,為你提供適當的建議及訊息 5. 總結及感受分享 在進行預約前,請先細閲網站的條款及細則與注意事項。 Please read the terms and conditions and precautions before booking an appointment with us. Copyright © 2023 Manyi Healing. All Rights Reserved.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 48 hours in advance. All last minutes cancellation is not acceptable and the payment is non-refundable.

Contact Details

+44 7394 439 919

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