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MY Healing


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Service Description

A Tailor-Made Energy Healing is intended to facilitate your life transformation. Create balance on all mental, emotional and spiritual levels to achieve internal harmony and support. "There is darkness, but it's up to you to embrace and see the light within." The darkest moment of our lives tends to be the loneliest of times. Many of us on earth are suffering alone. Life has become bland like there is never an end to all this hurt and suffering. However, Polly believes everyone has the power to end this seemingly never-ending cycle, and you can fall in love with yourself and life again. MY Healing will guide you through the way back to your true and magnificent self through one on one conversation. Let your higher self, the healer, and you work hand-in-hand and find the methods to support you for your greatest good. By understanding your shadows and shining the light of love and consciousness on them, you may reclaim your power and become stronger than before the session, set yourself free and live life than be in constant survival mode. Service Process (A session of about 60 to 75 minutes) 1. Understanding of the direction and needs. Brief introduction of the service. 2. A short meditation to quiet the mind and adjust breathing. 3. Consultation starts and proceeds to the required healing and cleansing. 4. Examine the information that comes through in the process and advise accordingly. 5. Summary and sharing 本服務旨在了解您的需要,訂制一套為您而設的療癒服務。為情緒,靈性及心理層面提供平衡與支援,讓每次的療癒亦能得到深層轉化。 不是沒有黑暗,而是懂得面對; 不是沒有難過,而是懂得釋放; 不是沒有黑白,而是懂得選擇; 不是沒有背叛,而是懂得取捨; 不是沒有壓抑,而是懂得開懷; 不是沒有鬱悶,而是懂得沉澱; 人生最黑暗的時間,往往是最孤獨。而事實上很多人都在一同獨自經歷這種痛苦,活着變成只為了追求生存,漫無目的地處理生活種種,過着沒有淚水,沒有期盼,沒有動力,沒有希望亦沒有結束,麻痹了感受的每一天。療癒師Polly相信每一位都擁有打破這無窮無盡的循環的能力,只要找到傷痛的源頭並加以修復,您也可以重新愛上自己,愛上生命。 頤之療癒將會帶領您尋回自己,喚回內在聲音,協助您打做心動的人生。 透過一對一的訪談,讓您的高我與療癒師一同帶領您從心去選擇最適合的方式,於過程中擁抱心的碎片,從多角度去了解生命中的陰影,用意識去照亮這些未知或被遺忘的領域,回歸本我,讓您無論身處任何一個狀態,都能重獲主導權,成為更強大的自己,讓生存蛻變成生活,活出真正的自由。 服務流程(約60-75分鐘) 1. 確認方向,了解你的需要並簡單介紹服務 2. 進行簡短的冥想,和呼吸調整 3. 開始進行諮詢,進行各種方式需要的療癒及清理 4. 分析於療癒過程所獲得的資訊,為你提供適當的建議及訊息 5. 總結及感受分享 *此服務可以遙距或面對面方式進行。 This service can be arranged remotely or in a face-to-face manner. First Session首次療癒 • £222 Follow Up Session及後每次 • £111 在進行預約前,請先細閲網站的條款及細則與注意事項。 Please read the terms and conditions and precautions before booking an appointment with us. Copyright © 2023 Manyi Healing. All Rights Reserved.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 48 hours in advance. All last minutes cancellation is not acceptable and the payment is non-refundable.

Contact Details

+44 7394 439 919

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