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Family Constellations

Unlocking Generational Healing with MANYI: Family Constellation Therapy

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MANYI, providing specialist services as a family constellation therapist, delivering sessions online from her base in London. As an accomplished energy healer and Reiki master in London, Polly’s holistic approach has garnered her a reputation in the realm of healing, and her focus on Family Constellations to improve relationships and build a positive future has led her to improve the lives of many families. 

A Glimpse into Family Constellation Therapy

Once you trust the universe, miracles will happen in the perfect time and place


Family Constellation Therapy, a form of counselling that delves into the intricate dynamics of generational patterns, has emerged as a powerful tool for addressing deep-rooted issues within families. This therapeutic approach is based on the understanding that unresolved issues and traumas from previous generations can have a significant impact on the present. By tapping into the "field of knowing," individuals can gain insights into these hidden patterns and break free from the cycle of suffering.

This unique method positions individuals within a physical or imagined constellation, representing family members and their relationships. Through this visualisation, the facilitator, in this case, the accomplished MANYI, guides clients towards understanding the underlying dynamics and imbalances that may be causing distress. As these hidden patterns are revealed, a positive journey of healing and transformation unfolds, bringing about harmony, balance, and order within the family unit.

MANYI’s Holistic Expertise as a Spiritual Healer in London

Boasting qualifications as a Reiki Master & Teacher, Numerology Teacher, Family and Corporate Constellation Facilitator, Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner, SRT Consultant, and Energy Healer, Polly harbours a deep understanding of holistic healing, highlighting her comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaceted layers of human experience.

Polly's passion for guiding individuals towards optimal well-being has propelled her to the forefront of her field. Her extensive training and hands-on experience in energy healing, combined with her adeptness in Family Constellation Therapy, equip her with a unique toolkit to facilitate transformative journeys for her clients.

Why Choose MANYI for Family Constellation Therapy

As one searches for effective Family Constellation Therapy in the UK, MANYI emerges as a pioneer in energy healing and holistic wellness, guiding her clients through the complex maze of their family dynamics and generational patterns. Through online sessions, Polly creates a safe and nurturing space,  allowing clients to delve into their innermost selves, unveiling the roots of their struggles and paving the way for profound healing.

Book Family Constellation Therapy Today 

Embark on a metamorphic journey to help the dynamics and overall relationships of your family with tailored Family Constellation Therapy. Find out how Polly can improve your day to day life and assist with breaking out of familial patterns that cause suffering. Enquire today! 

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