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About Polly


Once you trust the universe, miracles will happen in a perfect time and place


Polly is an SRT Consultant, Family and Corporate Constellation Facilitator, Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner and Energy Healer with long years of experience.  Polly has natural abilities of feeling and using energy, she closely works with her High Self and Spirit Guides with Love and Gratitude.  She specializes in integrated different kinds of healing modalities from both the inner and outside world.   She dedicates herself to healing work with clients to deal with life events, release trauma imprint for them to transform and get more easily to move forward on their life journey through the practical solution in a professional way. 

Polly is also an Executive Management in the corporate world, she successfully overcame her career challenges throughout the years and gained solid Insight into how the business world working.  She is able to offer career advice or as consultancy for your business where integrated with her own practical managerial as well as business operation experience.

Polly looks forward to working with you together to gain better clarity in life issues, understand your true self and bringing inner peace to your heart, also expending your highest potential to fulfil your life tasks.

Polly是一位擁有多年經驗的專業靈性反應療法咨詢顧問,家庭及企業系統整合排列師, 音叉療癒導師及執行師。擅長使用不同工具的特性並正面運用。她與她的高我及指導靈 一直為個案提供帶著愛與感恩的訊息指導和療癒。 她對生命的探索一直充滿熱情, 明白生命中固有的起伏 ,及釋放創傷性情緒的重要性 , 故此她落力為個案提供專業並有效的療癒方案。她更相信凡事有解決方案,只要懷有希望,調整心態面對,一切從心出發, 生命自然能夠找到更好的出。

Polly也是企業界的高級行政管理人員, 在商界職場上她不斷克服各種困難及挑戰,並深入了解商業世界的運作模式。 在結合了自身的實際管理和業務運營經驗 , 她能夠為您個人或您的企業提供職業導向建議或諮詢服務 。

Polly期待著與您一起努力,希望您能發揮最大潛力向生命邁進 ,令大家認識更深層的自己,亦希望大家在生活的高低起伏之中也能夠保持著內心的平靜 。

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