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Soul of Happiness

White Sand and Stone

About Polly

Once you trust the universe, miracles will happen in a perfect time and place


Numerology Teacher 生命數字導師

Professional Numerologist 高級生命數字解盤師

Family and Corporate Constellation Facilitator 家庭及企業系統整合排列師

Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner  音义療癒執行師

Psychic Tarot Card Reader 直覺塔羅師
Reiki Energy Therapist 靈氣療癒師
Crystal Healing Therapist 水晶能量療癒師

SRT Consultant 靈性反應療法咨詢顧問
SPR Practitioner 靈性結構重整療癒師

Services 服務

Healing Service

Water Drops

Products 產品

Happy Purchase


Polly is a great facilitator during my session!  I was very impressed with such a power tool to to release my depression that I have been carrying for 16 years.  I felt a big improvement after the session.  I was looked after form Polly and she is very caring and professional. 


I highly recommend her. 

I was quite confused at the start of the session, but I had a gut feeling that the session will be helpful. After few days of the session, I felt refresh and grounded.

I honestly can't thank Polly enough.

R. Ng

B. Yu

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