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Soul of Happiness

White Sand and Stone

About Polly

Once you trust the universe, miracles will happen in a perfect time and place


Reiki Master and Teacher 靈氣導師

Numerology Teacher 生命數字導師

Professional Numerologist 高級生命數字解盤師

Family and Corporate Constellation Facilitator 家庭及企業系統整合初級導師及排列師

Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner  音义療癒執行師

Psychic Tarot Card Reader 直覺塔羅師
Crystal Healing Therapist 水晶能量療癒師

SRT Consultant 靈性反應療法咨詢顧問
SPR Practitioner 靈性結構重整療癒師

Services 服務

Healing Service

Water Drops